Here at Capricorn Site Services we stock a huge range of different size EWP’s. 

  • Tele Handler
  • Fuel Trailer
  • Generators
  • Welders
  • Power Distribution

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This electric scissor lifts are perfect for those needing to work at heights above ground level. These lifts are ideal for indoor use as they operate quietly and produce zero emissions. They are easy to manoeuvre and can fit through doorways and are suitable for carrying multiple workers and their tools.

The Control System

No matter how tricky the spot, Capricorn Site Services
has just the thing to get you up there safely and easily. Explore our range of access equipment.

  • Can carry multiple workers and tools
  • Electrical and mechanical installations
  • Can fit through doorways for easy manoeuvrability

Take your projects to new heights with our powerful range of diesel powered EWP’s. Hire now for efficient and reliable aerial access.

Plant Hire

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Tele Handler



Power Distribution

Fuel Trailer