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Fuel infrastructure is a critical investment for a range of industries across Australia. As a leading provider of fuel storage solutions, Capricon Services understands the importance of reliable and efficient fuel storage and management for businesses.

The Control System

The initial financial investment necessary to buy fuel tanks and equipment might be overwhelming and Capricon Services provide a true hire solution. We offer a comprehensive solution that enables our customers to acquire the necessary equipment without making a large upfront commitment.

  • Self bunded double wall design
  • Free to air vent with weather cap
  • Antisyphon valve installed

You can hire fuel storage and management equipment from us for as long as you need them, without being tied down by long-term contracts or capital expenditure. Using this approach not only alleviates financial stress, but also offers a monthly operating cost alternative, making it easier for businesses to manage their spending properly. 

Plant Hire

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Fuel Trailer