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At Capricorn Site Services, Our skilled labour teams consist of supervisors, leading hands and scaffolders, all of whom share the same commitment to fast, friendly and efficient service.

No job is too big or too small for us. We take great care in choosing our staff, which is why drug and alcohol testing is mandatory in our pre-employment process. In addition, Capricorn Site Services is ensuring that every member of our labour team is more than competent enough for whatever job they take on.

    • Industrial and commercial sites can be tricky to navigate due to the unique structure of the premises. If there are hard-to-reach places on your property, we can create effective access solutions that will allow people to access various points on sites without risking their safety.
    • Our team can make a temporary enclosure on your site to protect people from harm. These enclosures are usually requested when a particular section is out of bounds or the site deals with emissions or waste. We have the expertise to create an enclosure that ensures a particular area remain designated in a safe way.
    • As a reputable name in the industry, we have access to a large network of expertise. If you require a labour force for a particular job or you simply require supervision for your own labour, we can assist you. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide adequate supervision on any residential, commercial and industrial site.
    • If you prefer using your own labour force for construction, you can simply hire scaffolding material from us. For your convenience, we will also deliver and collect our scaffolding from your work site.
    • Our unique system scaffolding allows you to overcome common challenges such as limited space and radial structures. This is one of the most flexible systems and provides adequate support for any weight and any height.

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